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How to SEO Optimise your YouTube Channel

September 2014 #BizRocks Magazine Article 

How To Optimise YouTube Channel for SEO

Since meeting Emma from BizRocks Magazine on Twitter, I contributed an article which was published in July’s issue.

Here’s a step-by-step simple walkthrough on how to link your website to your YouTube channel, verify ownership, enter your channel keywords and link to your social media accounts.

Channel description

In the text box immediately below the tab bar, you can add a channel description. The maximum length for this section is 1000 characters.
Here is #BizRocks earlier today:
 Here is #BizRocks after adding more information including their Social Media URLs and any other associated websites – drop down from 1 link to the maximum 5 if you have them.


Icon links are featured at the top of your description and use the icon from the social network pages available.  You can have up to four icon links overlayed on your channel art. Custom links appear below your Icon links and can be used to link to anywhere on the web.

The next task is to update your fan base by updating the ‘Discussion’ section as often as you can linking to news articles about your website, you can link anywhere. This automatically shares to Google+ so make the update short and enticing:

Facebook and Twitter

There’s other settings socially to connect, people who update YouTube daily may not want to bombard their Facebook page with every update, however if you update your YouTube channel once a month then I would recommend linking Facebook. Twitter is strongly recommended as this pushes out updates as they happen without you having to change apps.
Sign into your YouTube channel and click:

Be Social with your Hashtags

Remember to share socially when you upload a new video using the pre set icons (above).

Unique Content

YouTube does not like the same video being uploaded to different accounts, so take a look in your Video Manager to ensure your content is unique and provide a central point of reference for your viewers and to ensure everything is under one channel.
Channel Trailer - Use a feature video to welcome people to your channel.

Advanced Settings

Here you can name your channel, add your channel keywords and link / verify to your website to prove your ownership.

That's it - You have now successfully optimised your YouTube channel for Google and for your vistors. Next - read my blog postpublished on my website:

SEO Optimise Your Video on YouTube

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Everyone knows how essential SEO is to promote websites in Google and other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and AOL. 

Not everyone knows that Google owns You Tube - did you?

Learn how to effectively title and SEO optimise your videos on YouTube. 

SEO Optimise Your Video on YouTube