Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Manchester SEO SPAM

Manchester SEO 


Yes I know spam emails can't be helped, but spam emails to my company address offering SEO services always confuse, amuse and yet still frustrate me.

Especially as my company provides SEO services!

Now, emails from overseas, often from India with poor written English offering SEO for a few $dollars a month are to be expected. I get a dozen a week.. but

Spam emails from the UK offering SEO services? Not so common

Manchester SEO, Wilmslow Rd, Withington, Manchester M20 3BN


I found this contact address over at

Is this the right address to reach the decision maker regarding SEO & website related issues? This is for

Looks like many of your business keywords and service offering terms have been indexed within the top 100 search results of Google. They are related to: SEO Freelancer Training Social MediaSEO Freelancer and Training

All of them are indexed by the search engines, and some odd key terms are within the top 100 results of Google. However, I checked many of these and they are not on the top spots of searches.

Do you want to position your website for these or other relevant keywords on the top 5 search results of As professional SEO optimisers, we can do the above for better search rankings and higher traffic.

We can do it at an amazing price. Please let me know if you need this.

If this is not the right address, could you be kind enough to forward this message to the respective decision maker.

Kind Regards,,
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0113 328 0571