Thursday, 20 August 2015

0203 695 3470 telephone calls from Georgia USA - Konnecti Spam Calls

0203 695 3470 - Cold Spam Call to the UK from Georgia USA - Konnecti

Thursday, August 20th 2015
I answered a phone call this morning at 10am from 020 3695 3470 asking whether I do internet marketing services, the call went something like this:
Female caller: Hi my name is Melanie and I'm asking if you do guys do internet marketing services?  
Me: Hi, good morning, where did you find my number may I ask?  
Female caller: From the UK Business Forums (at this point I'd like to add I've been chatting with another member about SEO so I didn't find this unusual)  
Me: (Noting the Amercian accent) Oh, great, where are you in the UK? Somerset near me?  
Female caller: No, we are based out of Georgia however we have a UK telehone number. I wanted to talk to you about several clients we have that need internet marketing services  
Me: Unfortunately I am a sole trader and I won't be able to take on multiple new clients all at once from an agency, please can you send me an email with a sample website and your website?  
Female caller: I can show you now online  
Me: (Not feeling this) Well, you've called my mobile and I'm not in the office right now. If you visit my website you can easily find my email address and email me your details. I'm back in an hour about 11am  
Female caller: OK that's great, I'll call again at 11am  
Me: In the meantime I need you to email me Melanie, your company website and a sample client URL so I can conduct a quick free audit so I'm better prepared to speak to you later.  
Female caller: OK  
Me: Great, thanks so much for your call - bye.
So, out of curiosity I Googled the telephone number and I came across this thread

Edit 1: I called the number just now and there was an automated message in an American robot accent: "I'm sorry we cannot connect your call at this time" and the call drops beeeeeeeeeeeeep

Edit 2: 3pm later that day I received an email

Thank you for your interest into our Konnecti premium introductions program, as per your telephone conversation with my representative Melanie White, Kindly check the following link: Konnecti


Summary of 0203 695 3470

This is an Amercian company claiming to have UK customers that they want to connect with me. Their UK telehone number does not exist so I assume they are rerouting their American number (866.978.8559) to appear as though they are from the UK.