Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Manchester SEO SPAM

Manchester SEO 


Yes I know spam emails can't be helped, but spam emails to my company address offering SEO services always confuse, amuse and yet still frustrate me.

Especially as my company provides SEO services!

Now, emails from overseas, often from India with poor written English offering SEO for a few $dollars a month are to be expected. I get a dozen a week.. but

Spam emails from the UK offering SEO services? Not so common

Manchester SEO, Wilmslow Rd, Withington, Manchester M20 3BN


I found this contact address over at

Is this the right address to reach the decision maker regarding SEO & website related issues? This is for

Looks like many of your business keywords and service offering terms have been indexed within the top 100 search results of Google. They are related to: SEO Freelancer Training Social MediaSEO Freelancer and Training

All of them are indexed by the search engines, and some odd key terms are within the top 100 results of Google. However, I checked many of these and they are not on the top spots of searches.

Do you want to position your website for these or other relevant keywords on the top 5 search results of As professional SEO optimisers, we can do the above for better search rankings and higher traffic.

We can do it at an amazing price. Please let me know if you need this.

If this is not the right address, could you be kind enough to forward this message to the respective decision maker.

Kind Regards,,
SEO & Marketing Consultant
0113 328 0571

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Moz Top 10 - November 2015

Moz Top 10

From Facebook ad tricks and email outreach experiments to new TLDs, we have plenty to dig into this week. Venture below for the scoop on it all!

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"Treat every piece of content—every tweet, every Facebook post, every CTA, every press outreach email—with the utmost care..."

10 Things I've Learned While Learning Facebook Ads

Lots of people use Facebook ads, and lots of people waste money or fail to target the right people. Kane Jamison has been at this a long time, and shows us a few slick tricks.

Resist and Thrive

We all get up and work to make money, right? It's why we do marketing as well. What happens when our culture is all about money? In this post, Yancey Strickler, the CEO and co-founder of Kickstarter, explores true success.

How To Suck At Social Media: A Helpful Guide For Businesses

We literally pumped our fists and yelled "YES!" while reading this post. Have you ever wondered how big-brand social media can fail so miserably? Avinash Kaushik tells all.

How Many Outbound Links Per Word or Page? [Original Study]

For pages that rank at the top of Google's search results, what do their external links look like? Carter Bowles of Northcutt studied thousands of results to find out.

11 Email Experiments + The Citation Labs Outreach Best Practices Record

Writing outreach emails is hard. Response rates can be ridiculously low. The team at Citation Labs rolled up their sleeves and conducted 11 experiments to discover what actually works.

Many New Top-Level Domains Have Become Internet's "Bad Neighborhoods"

New TLDs (like .marketing!) are all the rage. Some are more popular than others and are attracting a very dubious crowd.

Why Manual Link Building Will Never Be Obsolete

Link building sometimes gets a bad rap, and sometimes deservedly so. Master link builder Eric Ward shows us how good link building = smart marketing and why it will never die.

How You Can Double Your Website Results in 43 Days

1% + 1% + 1% +1%... It actually seems pretty achievable when you try it this way.

Why is Moz Called Moz?

Why the heck is this company called Moz? Adam Lang reveals the truth (which is great, because we've been dying to know! ;))

Thursday, 20 August 2015

0203 695 3470 telephone calls from Georgia USA - Konnecti Spam Calls

0203 695 3470 - Cold Spam Call to the UK from Georgia USA - Konnecti

Thursday, August 20th 2015
I answered a phone call this morning at 10am from 020 3695 3470 asking whether I do internet marketing services, the call went something like this:
Female caller: Hi my name is Melanie and I'm asking if you do guys do internet marketing services?  
Me: Hi, good morning, where did you find my number may I ask?  
Female caller: From the UK Business Forums (at this point I'd like to add I've been chatting with another member about SEO so I didn't find this unusual)  
Me: (Noting the Amercian accent) Oh, great, where are you in the UK? Somerset near me?  
Female caller: No, we are based out of Georgia however we have a UK telehone number. I wanted to talk to you about several clients we have that need internet marketing services  
Me: Unfortunately I am a sole trader and I won't be able to take on multiple new clients all at once from an agency, please can you send me an email with a sample website and your website?  
Female caller: I can show you now online  
Me: (Not feeling this) Well, you've called my mobile and I'm not in the office right now. If you visit my website you can easily find my email address and email me your details. I'm back in an hour about 11am  
Female caller: OK that's great, I'll call again at 11am  
Me: In the meantime I need you to email me Melanie, your company website and a sample client URL so I can conduct a quick free audit so I'm better prepared to speak to you later.  
Female caller: OK  
Me: Great, thanks so much for your call - bye.
So, out of curiosity I Googled the telephone number and I came across this thread

Edit 1: I called the number just now and there was an automated message in an American robot accent: "I'm sorry we cannot connect your call at this time" and the call drops beeeeeeeeeeeeep

Edit 2: 3pm later that day I received an email

Thank you for your interest into our Konnecti premium introductions program, as per your telephone conversation with my representative Melanie White, Kindly check the following link: Konnecti


Summary of 0203 695 3470

This is an Amercian company claiming to have UK customers that they want to connect with me. Their UK telehone number does not exist so I assume they are rerouting their American number (866.978.8559) to appear as though they are from the UK.

Monday, 27 July 2015

How To Retain SEO Rankings With A New Website Design

How To Retain SEO Rankings With A New Website Design

Race Night Downloads One of my clients had always been a strong contender in Google over the years for numerous page 1 keywords relating to race night DVDs and more importantly Race Night Downloads. 

It was a critical business decision since April 2015's 'Mobilegeddon' update by Google - their old website was in immediate need of being mobile-friendly together with retaining the various Google page 1 rankings. As the sole source of income it was paramount that this was handled effectively, everyone knows with an Ecommerce site you have to be Google page 1 for the best sales and profit. I was solely responsible for this project, and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous - despite having carried this out before - so thought I would document this project as a case study.  

The website was being moved over to Wordpress, with WooCommerce and Yoast installed. 

I advised the web developer to create the new pages in Wordpress using the identical URLs that are currently in place, when the switchover happened I ensured everything was in place in Yoast, Google Webmaster (Search Console) verification, together with Bing and Alexa verification that were in place with the old design. 

Following this I utilised the Yoast 'Bulk Editor' tool to manually create unique and keyword rich titles and a nicely written sales pitch for each of the meta descriptions. Every pages' content was tweaked for SEO and had relevant keyword H1 and H2's. 

Once this was complete, I used the 'Fetch as Googlebot' on all options, and checked the sitemap was up to date. Then, we watched, and we waited.

One Keyphrase Bombed in Google - Why

After 4 days all keywords were still holding on Google page 1 - except one which was "Race Night Downloads" which dropped in rankings to halfway down Google page 2. Very worrying, but also very weird, how come all of the other phrases retained rankings? 

Upon investigation I spotted that the URL was when the old URL was simply which appeared to be a small oversight - within Wordpress the WooCommerce settings had changed the URL structure. Additionally, the content that appeared on the old page was stripped out as it was a category.

Solution and Regain Google Rankings  

Fortunately I had a friendly developer on the project, and I requested a 301 redirect with this single URL from the old to the new.

I then re-added the text content to the product category, together with H1 H2 and H3 to suit and in 48 hours the page had recovered to lower Google page 1.
Nina was highly responsive and acted with my best interests at heart, with an ecommerce site selling race night downloads for years, we simply couldn't afford to lose our rankings, but it was critical we had a mobile responsive website to comply with Google. - Gavin Wadeson, Race Night Services UK

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Block Semalt Buttons-For-Website with Google Analytics Block Bots and Spiders

Block Semalt with Google Analytics 'Block Bots and Spiders'

Are you seeing hits and visits from Semalt and Buttons-For-Websites? Google Analytics users can see traffic from Semalt. 

Semalt is a Bot that should be blocked

Semalt is a keyword research programme or robot (bot) that is being counted as visits in your statistics.

Semalt is selling a keyword ranking service that I do not recommend. You may find this review of Semalt very interesting.

Removing Semalt couldn’t be simpler:

Step 1: Login to you Google Analytics account.
Step 2: Click on ‘Admin’ along the menu at the top of the screen.
Step 3: Click ‘Filters’ which is located in the far right-hand column. If you cannot see Filters this means you don’t have administrative access rights.

Step 4: Click ‘New Filter’. This allows you to create your own customer filters in your Google Analytics data, for example excluding your own visits to your website.
Step 5: Amend the fields to just like they are in the screenshot below. Make sure that ‘Exclude’ is selected and ‘’ is entered into the Filter Pattern field. The filter will also block all sub domains of Semalt such as as well as the main domain.
Click Save and that’s it! You have now excluded Semalt from your referral traffic data.
Once you have your filter live, keep in mind that it will only filter the data from this point forward. It does not retrospectively filter the visits out.
Read the source article here

Buttons-for-website and Semalt SpamBot Referral Traffic

How to Block of SpamBots From Your Website

There are multiple ways to block SpamBots from your website, but I am going to show you how to use the .htaccess file because the block happens server-level before any files are sent from the server to client.

Here is a .htaccess file for a WordPress Website that will block the and Spambots:

** Important: the line “Options +FollowSymlinks” below is commented. Uncomment this line if your server isn’t configured with FollowSymLinks in its section in httpd.conf, and you get a 500 Internal Server error when using the code with this line commented **

# block referer spam
RewriteEngine On
# Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} buttons\-for\-website\.com [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://.*semalt\.com/ [NC]
RewriteRule ^.* – [F,L]

# BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

To read the source article and .htacess help here's the link.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Goal Flow in Google Analytics

Goal Flow in Google Analytics 

I post to UKBF and here's a question I answered today:

Is there any way to see if someone came from an advert on UKBF for instance to our site, but they didn't order there and then, but they visited again coming directly to our site and ordered on that subsequent visit. 

On Google Analytics that would just show as a sale from someone visiting the website directly, and not reference the UKBF referral which was the point of origin. 
Have you got Goals setup in GA?

When a goal is registered (sale / contact form) you can look at Goal Flow to find out the referral path.

So, if your visitor comes from a referring site, it will show that the flow as below:
My reply:

Have you got Goals setup in GA?

When a goal is registered (sale / contact form) you can look at Goal Flow to find out the referral path.

So, if your visitor comes from a referring site, it will show that the flow as below:

Have you got Goals setup in GA?

When a goal is registered (sale / contact form) you can look at Goal Flow to find out the referral path.
 As a Google Certified individual I'm happy to help you understand more about the features in Google Analytics - drop me a line on my Contact Form.
Have you got Goals setup in GA?

When a goal is registered (sale / contact form) you can look at Goal Flow to find out the referral path.