Monday, 10 November 2014

Do You Own Your Own Google Data?

Do You Own Your Own Google Data? 

Many web design companies provide Google Analytics access via your email address, when in actual fact they own the data as they create the account under thier company umbrella. This is the same for Google Webmaster Tools. 

To find out whether you own your data or just have access, try to link Google Analytics to Google Webmaster Tools property:

Alternatively look under 'Managers' in the Admin settings of Google Analytics.

Here's some people on the Google forum expressing their frustration with data ownership:

"I recently fired a marketing company who setup our website and google analytics.   We left on good terms and they made my email address an admin.  However it doesn't appear that I have complete access to analytics as I was trying to edit users and it says I don't have sufficient access.  Any help here would be appreciated."