Monday, 23 November 2009

Late Night Tales News and Blog: Free cover versions CD -

Late Night Tales News and Blog: Free cover versions CD -

New client

I have just completed SEO work for an amazing music download site and have created a blog

The original site is

Full details to follow

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Report on current project - Rank 1 Page 1 Google

Following a website re brand a new domain was registered in September 2009 - my aim was to be ranked on Google Page 1, result 1. This was achieved on October 27th 2009, just 10 days after going live.

How did I do it?

This was a full time - 40 hours/week - task.

First of all I used the Admin tool to optimise each of the main landing pages, from the meta title, description and keywords, to writing script for the actual page and matching the keywords accordingly.

Networking online is a huge opportunity and best of all it's free, so I created and maintained accounts on Twitter, Facebook, BeBo, Wordpress, press release and article sites and of course,

Once the site went live after a week of testing, I then launched into my social networking, also promoted the launch offer of a 30% discount code on an online voucher code site and got on board with an affiliate to work with us.

Google Adwords was already running, so I created several ad campaigns, each targeted with specific keywords, and wrote each advert to be enticing to surfers.

The site was verified with Google Webmaster, I changed address in Webmaster from the old to the new, installed Google Analytics and linked to Adwords to be able to report on ecommerce and how the Adwords campaigns were performing in revenue.

301 redirects were used from the old landing pages to the appropriate new landing pages, leaving the old homepage up with the ability to transfer traffic for all visitors with just one click.

Utilising the customer database of over 60,000 accounts, an e-shot was sent out in stages, to the most frequent customers first, and then to single use accounts secondary, informing them of the change of website address, and their account details remained the same. We also included a disocunt code.

Discount codes were different for every online promotion, allowing me to guage the ROI of each campaign, to identify the best performing sites for us.

Directory submission manually by myself went full speed ahead, yes it can be painful and give you a serious dose of RSI but once they're done, they're done. Following the first week of submitting, I decided to spend one afternoon a week in searching and finding directories as an ongoing task.

There was a competition launch which was another slant to the promotion, and free ringtones were created which was a great added bonus to shout about, this went down really well on My Space, You Tube and StumbleUpon.

The Alexa rating collapsed from 2 million to under 700,000 in ten days. Yes, that's right, 10 days! Orders more than doubled on a daily basis and everyone is happy.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Google stopped Page Rank

Susan Moskwa (Google Employee) said :

We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true. We removed it because we felt it was silly to tell people not to think about it, but then to show them the data, implying that they should look at it.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Google Wave invite from WordPress

October 1st hot topic is Google Wave

Twitter is going crazy for invites and this is where I got this information from Wordpress as they have 8 invites for grabs.

I quote:
A few months ago we checked out the Google Wave presentation and thought that it would be something we’d like to do and participate in and as it turns out, we received an email today from Google granted us access to Google Wave. Within that, we have the ability to suggest 8 people to try Google Wave as well. These we are quickly learning is what people are calling Google Wave Invites, especially on Twitter. At any rate, we can suggest for 8 people to try Google Wave.

They have asked for the keywords Wordpress Hosting so I hope you can join the Wave of success too!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Paying for submission to multiple Directories?

I would avoid using any automated submission tools, as these mostly submit you to worthless Free-For-All link sites (often designed to harvest your own email address for sending you more spam) and other worthless directory sites.
Using such programs can even get your site into trouble with the major search engines, as most of them prohibit automated site submission.
I would likewise avoid any paid site submission services, as most of these are just paying some guy to press the "start" button on one of these automated programs. SEO is a hot area - as a result, there are many people who read some simple, but out-of-date SEO advice from a book or the Internet, and suddenly think that they know what they want to promote their site.
Back a long time ago (back in the stone age, before Google even existed), the only way a site even got listed at all in searches is if someone manually submitted it to the search engines.
Likewise, the very first search engines had trouble even figuring out what a web page was about, and used Keyword Meta Tags to allow a web designer to "clue in" the search engine as to the purpose of the page. All modern search engines now have automated robots (aka "spiders", such as Googlebot, MSNbot, and Yahoo's Slurp) which continuously scan the web for new web sites and pages, and update or add them to their indexes. While most search engines still have site submission pages for historical reasons, not only are they no longer necessary, but it can actually hurt your search engine rankings to submit your site in this manner.
One of the reasons is that PageRank, which is used by Google to judge how "important" your site is, is based on what sites link to yours. If you did manage to convince Google to list your site before it has found your site naturally (by finding a site linking to you), your PageRank is going to be nada, and your search engine rankings are going to suffer accordingly.
To get a new site listed in Google, all you need to do is to put a link to your site on any other site that is already in Google. That's it - Googlebot will find the link on that site, and follow it to your new site. Directories are another issue. But there are only a handful of generic directories (plus possibly a few industry-specific ones for your area) that are even worth submitting to (some of which now charge you for a listing).
The best way is to manually submit your site to a directory. Automated submission should be avoided - if a directory is worth listing in, it is worth you taking the time to do it right.

1 week SEO is live!

web directory

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

1 week SEO business services SW UK

SEO in 1 week - Business Services
Website Optimisation, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, these are the things I can help with (and much more).
Are you looking for a personal one-on-one SEO Consultant, with over 10 years experience in Marketing, Sales and eMarketing?

1 week SEO does what it says on the tin. Working remotely there's no need for a visit.
If I do not improve your Google rankings in 1 week then there's NO CHARGE.


1 week SEO is a cost effective way for you to discover the benefits for your company's website. Whether you are a small business, SME, a household name, a sole trader or one man band, I guarantee I can help.

I offer my services at £115 inclusive for an initial 7 days service. Ongoing rates will be established by discussing your needs for the future, there are a wide variety of Search Engine Optimisation services available to you, and I will only recommend the ones you require.

One week, seven points of services:
Search Engine Optimisation recommendations - keywords, meta tags, alt tags, title tags, web page content
If you have Adwords I will improve your visibility and aim to reduce your PPC and daily spend
If you do not have Adwords I am happy to create an account and adverts to suit (optional)
Website Critique, suggestions for improvement, an overview of customer experiences
5 solid UK directory submissions with marketing copy and pictures / logo
Alexa ranking report from day 1 and again at day 7
Full 7 day report with recommendations for the future
At every step of the way I will be able to provide an explanation of why these basics are important and convey to you in a language you will be able to understand. Remember - I've been where you are now - vaguely understanding the importance of SEO, but unsure about how to achieve it. As a sole trader you will have only one point of contact at all times - myself.

Ongoing SEO work is recommended, submitting to online directories, creating trusted backlinks to your website, setting up and maintaining blogs, news pages, social media promotion, analysing Adwords and Google Analytics to extend your reach on the internet and search engines. We will be able to work together to provide a cost effective service tailored to your unique needs.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

SEO & Internet Marketing Specialist

Redundancies? End of Contract? Company Administration?
This is my CV for the last 12 months of my career. The employment marketplace is the toughest I have experienced in securing a permanement job, and I have 2 years recruitment experience...

Currently I am responsible for increased traffic through an extensive Google Adwords campaign, increasing traffic to the website through PPC from 7% to over 9%, ultimately resulting in a rise in online sales, coupled with improving the Company's Alexa rating from 1.4million to under 1million in the first 4 weeks of employment.